Contact the ANDRILL team using the online contact form or directly at the addresses below:

ANDRILL Science Management Office
126 Bessey Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
P.O. Box 880851
Lincoln, NE 68588-0341, USA
TEL (402) 472-6723

Frank RackFrank Rack
Executive Director

harwoodDavid Harwood
Research Director

blytheDaren Blythe
Research Project Manager

fischbeinSteve Fischbein
Senior Research Associate

huffmanLouise Huffman
Education and Outreach Coordinator

kontarKatia Kontar
Education Program Associate/Media Specialist

MattsonSara Mattson
Office Manager/Subawards Administrator

reedJosh Reed
IT Specialist/Data Manager

thomasRita Thomas
Education Program Assistant/Media Specialist

ANDRILL Science Committee

Timothy Naish Timothy Naish
Chair, ASC
Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington


Luigi JovaneLuigi Jovane
Instituto Oceanográfico, Universidade de São Paulo

Antonio Campos Antonio Carlos Rocha Campos
Instituto de Geociências, Universidade de São Paulo


Gerhard Kuhn Gerhard Kuhn
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

Frank Niessen Frank Niessen
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research


Fabio Florindo Fabio Florindo
Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)

Franco Talarico Franco Talarico
Universita Degli Studi di Siena


Richard Levy Richard Levy
Coulman High Proponent
GNS Science

Gary Wilson Gary Wilson
University of Otago


Yea-Dong Kim Yea-Dong Kim
Korea Polar Research Institute

Jae Lee Jae Il Lee
Korea Polar Research Institute


Jane Francis Jane Francis
University of Leeds

Mike Hambrey Mike Hambrey
Aberystwyth University


David M HarwoodDavid M. Harwood
Dept. of Geosciences
University of Nebraska

Bruce Luyendyk Bruce Luyendyk
Coulman High Proponent
Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara

Sam Mukasa Sam Mukasa
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
University of New Hampshire

Steven Pekar Steve Pekar
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Queens College

Julia Wellner Julia Smith Wellner
Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Houston

Frank Rack Frank Rack
Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric SciencesUniversity of Nebraska

ANDRILL Operations Management Office
Antarctica New Zealand
Private Bag 4745
Christchurch, New Zealand

cowieIain Miller
Manager Antarctic Support

EuroANDRILL Consortium
EuroANDRILL is a new initiative to create a European network with the goal to increase future involvement of European countries in the ANDRILL.

Project Partners:
Dr. Fabio Florindo, Italy
Dr. Carlota Escutia, Spain
Prof. Marc De Batist, Belgium
Dr. Gerhard Kuhn, Germany
Prof. Jan Backman, Sweden
Prof. Henk Brinkhuis, Netherlands
Prof. Jane Francis, United Kingdom
Prof. Andrezej Gazdzicki, Poland
Dr. Catherine Ritz, France
Dr. Kari Strand, Finland
Dr. Frank Rack, United States of America
Prof. Timothy Naish, New Zealand
Dr. German Leitchenkov, Russia