Learn more about Antarctica and the Antarctic Geological Drilling (ANDRILL) Program.

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Antarctica Today

Take a trip to Earth’s freezer – the coldest, windiest, driest, place on Earth. How long has Antarctica been like it is today? That’s what polar researchers want to find out. Meet ANDRILL, the Antarctic drilling team.

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Ice on the Move

Antarctica is the iciest place on Earth. But its icy cover is deceiving. All this ice is on the move. Find out how ice and rocks hold clues to tell the tale of Antarctica’s climate past.

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Decoding Antarctica's Climate History

What's normal in climate cycles? In a warming world, ice is beginning to break apart in Antarctica. Has it happened before – and how does it affect sea level? Geologists and climate modelers examine ANDRILL cores, Earth's orbit, greenhouse gases, and evidence in New Zealand.

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Tiny Clues to Antarctica's Past

ANDRILL's rock cores reveal evidence of changing climate and ice conditions in Antarctica's past. Within the cores are ocean fossils – some easily seen, others microscopic. Watch this video to learn how the biggest discoveries come from the tiny clues – diatoms and forams.

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Reading Antarctica's Rock Cores

Most of Antarctica’s history is buried in layers of rock, deep beneath the ice. Rock cores that ANDRILL retrieves are packed with evidence. But once found, how to geologists read climate history embedded in rock?

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