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[   ]Palynology fossil plate and caption composite.pdf30-Sep-2009 11:20 836K
[DIR]ANDRILL drilling rig images/30-Sep-2009 10:59 -
[IMG]aerial photo of drilling rig - photo by Tim Cully.jpg30-Sep-2009 10:57 353K
[IMG]ANDRILL drilling rig illustration.jpg30-Sep-2009 10:55 5.8M
[   ]ANDRILL caption for drilling rig illustration.doc30-Sep-2009 10:52 24K
[IMG]Spore of Coptospora (moss) - photo by Ian Raine.jpg30-Sep-2009 10:46 365K
[   ]Podocarp pollen grain - photo by R. Askin.ppt30-Sep-2009 10:45 805K
[IMG]Freshwater algae Zygospore of Zygnamaceae -photo by Rosie Askin.jpg30-Sep-2009 10:42 45K
[IMG]Freshwater algae Pediastrum - photo by Sophie Warny.tif30-Sep-2009 10:38 1.1M
[IMG]Askin(l) and Warny(r) with core.JPG30-Sep-2009 10:37 674K

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