Project Materials
Activity Book

Electronic versions (PDFs) of individual activities and the entire activity book are available for free download on this page. You can also purchase hard copies of the book for the cost of reproduction through the FedEx/Kinko's Docstore. Descriptions and links for each option are listed below.

Individual Activities, by Unit

Introduction and Front Matter
Unit 1 Introduction
Activity 1A—Postcards from Antarctica (13 MB)
Activity 1B—Antarctica in Maps (7 MB)
Activity 1C—Polar Opposites (1.8 MB)
Activity 1D—Animal Insulation (1.2 MB)
Unit 1-Antarctica Today (23.2 MB)

Unit 2 Introduction
Activity 2A—Build a Model Glacier (1.0 MB)
Activity 2B—When Ice Meets the Sea (1.4 MB)
Unit 2-Antarctica's Ice on the Move (2.9 MB)

Unit 3 Introduction
Activity 3A—Build a Model Drillsite (2.4 MB)
Activity 3B—Photo Sort: Core Flow (14.5 MB)
Activity 3C—Mix up a Model Rock Core (1.3 MB)
Activity 3D—Mess-free Model Rock Cores (8.9 MB)
Unit 3-Reading Antarctica's Rock Cores (28.2 MB)

Unit 4 Introduction
Activity 4A—Dead Diatoms Do Tell Tales (1.9 MB)
Activity 4B—Evidence of Ice-Free Seas (1.9 MB)
Unit 4-Tiny Clues to Antarctica's Past (4.4 MB)

Unit 5 Introduction
Activity 5A—Charting Temperature Changes (8.6 MB)
Activity 5B—What if the Ice Shelves Melted? (1.7 MB)
Activity 5C—How Does Melting Ice Affect Sea Level? (1 MB)
Unit 5-Decoding Antarctica's Climate History (12 MB)

Leader Notes for Facilitating a Flexhibit (1 MB)

Viewing the Entire Book on Your Computer Screen

For a convenient way to preview the complete book of activities on a computer screen, download the screen-resolution file. This file includes all pages and all graphics of the activity book, but it is not optimized for printing.

Download a screen resolution version of the activity book (15.9 MB)

Printing the book yourself

The files below are set up to be printed back-to-back (duplex printing) on a color printer using 3-hole drilled paper and cardstock. Note that you'll need to turn Page Scaling OFF in your Print dialog box in order to have items such as the rock core images in Activity 3D print at the appropriate size.

The Paper.pdf file should be printed on standard or premium-weight paper; it contains 190 single-sided pages or 80 duplex pages. The Cardstock.pdf file should be printed on cardstock; it contains 56 single pages, so it requires 28 pieces of cardstock. The Cover.pdf file is just one page. Print it on paper or cardstock and insert it into the front of a clear-view binder. Use the page numbers to collate all pages and store them in a 3-ring binder.

Download file of pages to print on paper (37.6 MB)
Download file of pages to print on cardstock (34.8 MB)
Download book cover (1 MB)

Ordering hard copies of the book

For your convenience, hard copies of the activity book are available for the cost of printing through FedEx/Kinko's Docstore. To order copies, go to

On the Docstore site, click the "Select Documents from your Online Catalog" link then click the plus sign next to the Antarctica's Climate Secret's folder. Click the "Activity Book" link to reveal the available files.

  • The first item, labeled "Activity Book - Printed all B/W with color cover" is a low-cost option for a leader's manual. It includes black and white copies of all 244 pages of the book.
  • The second through fourth items complement one another to make a complete book. Ordering all three of these will support implementation of activity sessions and a Flexhibit event for up to 15 youth participants. The 190 paper pages of the book (many with color) plus 54 pages printed on cardstock (most with color) plus the cover are all necessary parts of a complete Flexhibit book.
  • The "Activity Book - Cardstock Only" file can be ordered to resupply consumable cardstock pages.

Materials for the Flexhibit

Each unit in the book has 2-4 hands-on activities. The complete set of activities requires materials that can be purchased from hardware, office, pet supply, and grocery stores for around $250. Detailed shopping lists and preparation instructions are provided in the activity book.


For questions regarding activities or materials, please contact LuAnn Dahlman