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Project Iceberg is an exciting part of the ANDRILL research program, drawing in people from all over the world and inviting everyone to join the journey and be a part of this ground breaking research process.

This is ANDRILL's second drilling season in Antarctica. During the first season in 2006, a series of live Video Journals were produced in collaboration with the ARISE team with a booklet containing background information and hands-on activities for science classrooms. You can download the 2006 Video Journals here. You can also download a digital copy of the booklet here. If you've used these materials, we'd love to hear from you!

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The latest exciting project for your classroom, 4-H Club, or community group:

Antarctica's Climate Secrets
(Flexhibit Project)

The "Flexhibit" is a set of hands-on learning activities, museum-quality banners, and video podcasts for after-school groups or classes. Groups can complete the learning activities in approximately 10 sessions, then use the materials and models to host a public science event that features ANDRILL. Five banners introduce the project’s themes, building knowledge about Antarctica and how and why ANDRILL conducts geologic research there. The learning activities feature physical models that illustrate geologic concepts, plus a range of maps and photographs of Antarctica. The video podcasts can be viewed on computers, iPods, or mp3 players. They provide background information for youth activity sessions as well as for attendees at Flexhibit events. The International Polar Year program of the National Science Foundation provides funding for this project. It is a partnership between the University of Nebraska State Museum, TERC, NET, and 4-H youth groups from 22 states.

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