Community Opportunities
ANDRILL Flexhibit
The "Flexhibit" is a digital package of high resolution images, multi-media files, and inquiry-based activities accessible via the Web. Flexhibit images feature ANDRILL scientists at work in Antarctica. It also includes audio files for podcasts that let polar scientists speak directly to youth about the joys and challenges of their work. Inquiry-based activities invite youth and their families to experience ANDRILL science in a community setting, organized in partnership with 4-H youth groups from 22 states. This informal science education project is funded by the International Polar Year program of the National Science Foundation to increase public understanding of ANDRILL, the multi-national, NSF-funded Antarctic Drilling Project.

Lesson Collections
Classroom Antarctica
Over 50 short activities from the Australian Antarctic Division. Each one of the 8 units offer a range of activities that can be used to enhance writing, literature, art, team building, and creative thinking skills.

Antarctica: The farthest place close to home
This extensive site by the American Museum of Natural History offers a range readings, interviews, and learning activities in nine categories. Resources generally focus on the challenges of living and working in Antarctica.

Discovering Antarctica
This site features interactive Flash pieces and engaging graphics for middle school students. Operated by Britain-s Royal Geographic Society, it offers a range of thinking prompts, images, and fact sheets about Antarctica.

Activities from T.E.A. -Teachers Experiencing the Antarctic and Arctic
The top ten activities on this site were produced at a workshop to infuse inquiry-based learning strategies into existing polar resources. A link at the bottom of the page offers access to the full library of T.E.A. activities.

Other Teaching Resources
Technology in the Field
Apple highlights the technology used on the ice during the ANDRILL drilling seasons.

All About Glaciers
The United States National Snow and Ice Data Center presents an overview of glaciers, including how they form, move forward, and retreat. The site features a comprehensive glossary of glacial terms.

The Antarctic Sun
A weekly newspaper published during the austral summer (October through February) at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

The Antarctic Treaty
Signed in 1959, the Antarctic Treaty provides the legal framework for the region beyond 60° South latitude.

Information Sheets from Antarctica New Zealand
A series of brief fact sheets on topics from Animals to Tourism.

Numis Polar Challenge Site
In the winter of 2005-2006, 5 men took part in a re-enactment of Robert Scott-s expedition to the South Pole. They used only the same types of clothes and equipment that Scott-s group had in their ill-fated 1911 expedition.

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