EuroANDRILL in International Innovation publication

EuroANDRILL will participate in the annual International Innovation publication, alongside the other projects, which will have a focus on research in the polar environment. The report will look at a number of different areas, collaboration, environmental monitoring, modeling and research, land use and rural development, sharing of data and global data models, environmental technologies, sustainable development program development, polar monitoring and collaboration, water and maritime monitoring issues, resource allocation, collaboration in addressing environment and climate issues, sharing of resources, modeling, technology, policy recommendations etc. The report will then distributed to 39,000 readers (researchers, policy makers, government and decision makers across both the private & public) across the whole of Europe and North America and the INCO countries at the end of May.
In the same volume there will contributions by:
  • Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner, Environment
  • Lars Moller, Chair, Senior Arctic Officials, Arctic Council
  • Chuck Kennicutt, President, SCAR
  • Research Program Manager, UNITAR
  • Executive Manager, IPCC
  • Director, European Environment Agency
  • AURIL - Association for University Research and Industry Links