Coulman High Project – Solicitation of Interest

ANDRILL is a multinational scientific program to investigate Antarctica’s glacial and tectonic history. Of specific interest is Antarctica’s past and future role in global environmental change as revealed through stratigraphic drilling along the Antarctic margin and related numerical modelling of climate and ice sheet behavior. ANDRILL is developing the Coulman High Project to investigate Early Miocene and Paleogene paleoenvironmental and tectonic history by drilling at two sites on the Ross Ice Shelf, approximately 150 km east of McMurdo Station, over the subsea geologic structure known as the Coulman High.

The goals of ANDRILL CH Project are to:

  • Determine the fundamental behavior of the Antarctic cryosphere, including the magnitude and frequency of its changes on centennial to million year time-scales.
  • To understand the evolution and behavior of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in a high CO2 world (>600 ppmv)
  • To obtain geological records from critical intervals in the development of the Antarctic cryosphere to guide and constrain glaciological and climatic models.
  • To document the evolution, timing, and geologic history of the West Antarctic rift system, and the stratigraphic development of associated sedimentary basins.
  • To constrain West Antarctic geography through time to improve ice sheet models.

More information about the Coulman High Project science objectives, planning, and site survey activities are available at Coulman High Project page.

The ANDRILL Science Committee (ASC) asks for you to register your initial interest in this project by completing the information requested below and providing your contact information so we can keep you informed of developments.

Please use the text box at the end to describe:

  • your interest in the Coulman High Project
  • expertise and experience you would bring to the Project
  • any other comments on the Project


Alternatively, you may email your statement of interest or comments as a Word or PDF document directly to:

Expression of interest does not guarantee participation in the project. Members of the scientific team will only be selected from nations that belong to the ANDRILL Consortium for the CH Project. Inclusion in the CH Science Team will require a formal application, review and selection process. If you would like to know how your nation might join the ANDRILL Consortium as a participating member please contact Tim Naish, Chair of the ANDRILL Science Committee at