Field Update: Dec. 6, 2010

The weather is good, so Gary, Daniel and Chris will fly out to camp today.

They are wearing their ECW gear and have selected helmets for the flight. Rob, the pilot gives them instructions about the helo and its time to board!

Two of them sit in the front seat with the pilot and one in back with the cargo. The people in the window seats get the best view, but its all good.

The helo lifts off and then backs out across the helo pad, gaining altitude in reverse – this is fun to watch and unusual compared to the way that the other helicopters in the USAP fleet maneuver. Once they are clear, Rob switches gears and the helo flies up and over Ob Hill heading around the bend and past Scott Base on their way out to the Ross Ice Shelf and the ANDRILL camp. There’s still a lot of cargo left behind that was over the weight limit for the flight today, but there will be another flight on Wednesday to bring out Ethan Marcoux, the explosives handler from RPSC, so the cargo can go with that flight, assuming the weather stays good.

I’ll be heading out again on Friday, December 9th with Bob Detrick from NSF, who is going to visit ANDRILL on the ice and see what we’re doing this season. Until then, it’s back to Crary Lab to answer emails, write reports and send my blogs out. The second mooring has been successfully deployed and the camp was moved to Site #3 yesterday – the work goes on!!

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