Field Update: Dec. 7, 2010

A big storm hit the ANDRILL camp on December 3-4, with winds gusting up to 50 knots or more. Richard Levy decided that this was a good time to break out the ANDRILL flag and take pictures for the home crowd. Visibility was poor, but Dick Limeburner captured the moment – awesome!!

Dick and Will flew back to McMurdo yesterday on the Kiwi helo. They brought this image and the news that the mooring deployment went as scheduled, with everyone working from inside the MECC the day after the storm. This mooring is not only inductive, meaning it transmits its data to the ice surface like the previous one, but it is also connected to an Iridium phone, so it periodically calls home to send it’s data to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. After the second mooring was deployed, it was time to move the ANDRILL camp to Site #3 and to start preparing to melt another hole through the ice shelf.

It’s a harsh continent, but ANDRILL is ready to meet the challenge!!

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