ANDRILL: ANtarctic geological DRILLing
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ANDRILL Science Management Office (SMO)
All ANDRILL science as well as education and outreach activities are coordinated through the SMO.
Key tasks include:
(1) liaise with all ANDRILL committees and scientists and government contractors,
(2) coordinating and managing the application process for the past and current projects’ Science Teams,
(3) consolidate the requests of scientists for field and laboratory support of efforts during drilling and site survey activities,
(4) manage the deployment of the ANDRILL science and support teams to Antarctica and to project workshops,
(5) coordinating all aspects of science publication, including editorial oversight and production/distribution of science reports, (6) assisting the Co-Chief Scientists,
(7) procurement of science supplies and equipment,
(8) coordinating education and outreach activities.

Contact SMO:
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126 Bessey Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
P.O. Box 880851
Lincoln, NE 68588-0341, USA
TEL: 011-402-472-6723
Frank Rack pic
Dr. Frank Rack
Executive Director
Dr. David Harwood pic
Dr. David Harwood
Research Director
Daren Blythe pic
Sara Mattson
Office Manager/Subawards Administrator
Dennis Duling pic
Katia Kontar
Media Specialist (on call)
Dar Gibson img
Josh Reed
Data Manager (on call)
Katia Kontar
Daren Blythe
Research Project Manager, grant-funded projects
Sara Mattson img
Dennis Duling
Research Project Manager, grant-funded projects
Josh Reed img
Dar Gibson
Research Project Manager, grant-funded projects