Core and Data Recovery

3.5 Core Characterization

This phase involves a six-month period of study (3 months during drilling and 3 months immediately following drilling) on initial samples and measurements collected during the drilling phase of the Project. During drilling, the Core Characterization phase research will be conducted by project scientists working in Antarctica, as well as by others working at home institutions. Once drilling ends, both groups of scientists will continue to work on initial samples at their home institutions. A Core Sampling Workshop at the curatorial facility (FSU) will mark the end of the Core Characterization phase.

3.6 Science Documentation

This phase involves an 18-month period of study on samples requested at the Core Sampling Workshop. Results obtained during the Science Documentation phase will be integrated with that of other Science Team Members during the Science Integration Workshop to be held ~16 months after the Core Sampling Workshop. Science Documentation proposals will go through a merit-review process that will be implemented by M-ASIC. Other scientists who are not Science Team Members may, by invitation or approval of the Co-Chief Scientist, submit a research proposal to the SMO to request samples. These proposals will require endorsement of the Project’s Co-Chief Scientists, and will be evaluated by the M-ASIC and the National Programs. U.S. participants will submit budget requests for science funding as part of this proposed phase.