Appendix I: Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Issued or Required Clothing List

You are required to wear (or have on your person) the following USAP issued or National Program comparable items on the flight (Items in bold must be worn on flights to and from Antarctica and during flights within Antarctica):

Clothing Bag ~ orange (2 ea)
Balaclava, Polar Fleece (1ea)
Rubber Boots (“Bunny”) (1 pr)
Cap, Yazoo (1 ea)
Neck Gaiter, Polar Fleece (1 ea)
Leather Gloves, w Thinsulate Lining (4 pr)
Snow Goggles (1 pr)
Polar Fleece Jacket (1 ea)
Glove Liners, Polypro (2 pr)
Furback Mittens (1 pr)
Kodalite Mittens (1 pr)
Windproof mittens with pile (1 set)
Polar Fleece Pants (1 pr)
Bibbed Wind Pants (1 pr)
Red Parka (1 ea)
Wool Tube Socks (6 pr; 1worn)
Expedition Long Underwear (1 pr)
Thermax Long Underwear (1 pr)
Expedition Undershirt (1 ea)
Thermax Undershirt (1 ea)
Red Wind Jacket
Polarized Sunglasses* (2 pr; 1 worn)

Personal Items to Consider

Boots or shoes (climbing, hiking or running)
2 pair of glasses (sun and prescription)
Gym clothes
Jacket (pile and windbreaker)
Pants (cotton or denim)
Shirts (light wool, cotton, flannel, long-sleeved; washable)
Slippers or Soft shoes for indoor wear
Sock (cotton and wool); Sock Liners
Sweaters (light and heavy)
Towel and Washcloth

* = Your own personal item, not provided to US participants by USAP; may be provided by other National Antarctic Programs.